With our treatments...

...well-being is assured

A holiday is synonymous with authentic moments of relaxation. The professional team of our wellness centre will pamper you with specific regenerating treatments. Take a look at our offers and get inspired.

Total body massage

Extremely relaxing and ideal for preventing and relieving muscle tension, offering balance to body, mind and soul.

€ 60 | 50 min.
Hot stone massage

Attain psychophysical well-being and activate the body's energy reserves from the heat of the stones.

€ 60 | 60 min.
Special back massage

Relieves muscle tension in the back and neck. Ideal for athletes and for cases of extreme stiffness.

€ 60 | 60 min.
Kobido massage

A traditional Japanese massage that produces a "natural lifting" effect on the face. It improves the condition of the skin, helps turn back the clock and frees the face and neck from muscle tension.

€ 75 | 60 min.
Total relaxation massage

Forget your daily cares and restore your energy, indulging in moments of deep relaxation.

€ 90 | 90 min.
Leg and foot massage

Effective against fatigue and muscle tightness of the legs and feet. It stimulates blood circulation and offers a feeling of lightness.

€ 60 | 60 min.
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